Space Face Update July 2024 πŸ›Έ

Adventure Box πŸ§™

We had fun planning and shooting a product video for the soon-to-be-released Adventure Box, an interactive screen for RPG board games. From storyboard to edit, working with the AB team has been a pleasure. It's been a creative process, and we can't wait to share the finished product with the world.

MyMix 🎚️

On the side of client work, we've been passionately developing MyMix, a platform dedicated to showcasing DJs of all genres and skill levels. After several test shoots, we're ready to start filming some talented mixers. Stay tuned for the launch this Autumn!

Collaborating with Other Creatives ⬆️

At Space Face Films, we believe in the power of collaboration over competition. This approach has allowed us to expand our network and learn from lots of talented creatives. Recent collaborations include Edit Easy, Simply Thrilled, Glowfrog Video, Lamar Francois, Saltbox Presents, Sofar Sounds and Summerhouse Studios.

We’re eager to continue growing Space Face Films and are always open to collaborating with new brands and creatives. If you're passionate about creating bespoke content that tells your story effectively, get in touch!

Luke πŸ‘½

Founder of Space Face Films


Coffee, Trains and Rock & Roll β˜•πŸš„πŸŽΈ

We've had some exciting moments over the past couple of months, here are some highlights.

Nickelback Film Premiere πŸ“½οΈ

Years and years ago we were lucky enough to create some content for the Nickelback Documentary and now it's finally hit cinemas and streaming platforms! I had the opportunity to attend the London Premiere and see our VFX credit on the big screen. It was a proud moment.

AC/DC and Dire Straits 🀘

Talk about rubbing shoulders with legends! I recently had the privilege to meet and film rock icons Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler. Another trip to London led to capturing their Q&A session at the premiere of their new Sky Arts TV series. It was an unforgettable experience.

Sofar Sounds Nottingham 🎀

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Sofar Sounds Nottingham! We've been capturing the magic of their monthly live music events, held in various unique spaces around Nottingham. It's been a joy to document these intimate sets and share our love for music with the community.

Keep an eye out for further behind-the-scenes insights and upcoming projects from Space Face Films!

Rock on,

Luke πŸ‘½

Founder of Space Face Films


New Partnerships & Camera πŸ€πŸ“Έ

As we kick off the new year with energy and creativity, we're thrilled to share some exciting highlights from the past month at Space Face Films.Β 

Forging a New Partnership 🏒

We're proud to announce a new partnership between Space Face Films and a multinational corporation which includes filming in the UK, Europe and Asia. Our producer James has been working tirelessly to ensure everything is organised seamlessly.

Expanding Our Arsenal: Introducing the Lumix S5 IIx Camera πŸ“Έ

In our quest to elevate the quality of our visuals and streamline our workflow, we've added a powerful new addition to our arsenal – the Lumix S5 IIx camera along with three new lenses. This upgrade will not only enhance the visual storytelling capabilities of Space Face Films but also allow us to deliver even more stunning content to our clients and audience.

Connecting with the Local Music Scene: Saltbox Presents 🎀

Exploring new creative avenues, we've made an exciting connection in the local music scene. At the Open Mic night hosted by Saltbox Presents, we had the opportunity to capture some incredible moments of talented artists in action. We're thrilled to be a part of such vibrant artistic community and looking forward to what comes next.

Thank you to our clients, collaborators, and supporters for your ongoing trust and support. Here's to another month filled with creativity, growth, and unforgettable moments!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting projects coming your way.

Cheers to the adventure ahead!

Luke πŸ‘½

Founder of Space Face Films


Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

I've hit the reset button, recharged my mind, body and video gear and I'm excited to dive into fresh projects and craft even more compelling content.

As tradition, I've set myself some new years resolutions.

Reflecting on the past, I realised I might have missed the mark in promoting Space Face Films. To be honest, it's not that I was too busy; I just didn't give it my all. This year, I'm flipping the script. I've developed a rock-solid marketing calendar that I'm committed to following (including this blog post). Brace yourselves for a surge of updates and a more vibrant online presence!

I'm super grateful for all my clients, past and present, but this year, I'm looking to add a splash of diversity to our portfolio with music videos, live events, and promotional content for artists. If you're a musician or part of a band looking to elevate your visual presense, get in touch!

Every year we've grown and we don't plan on stopping now. 2024 is all about tackling grander, more ambitious projects by expanding our fantastic crew. I firmly believe that building a team with varied skills is essential for creating content that's innovative and downright exciting.Β  If you're a creative professional looking to collaborate with a dynamic video production team, we invite you to reach out!

So, here's to a year of growth, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

I can't wait for what 2024 brings!

Luke πŸ‘½

Founder of Space Face Films