Creating the Mercedes A-Class Promo

An example of how we created content for a client.


To start we arranged a meeting and I listened to the client's brief and ideas.

By using references, a mood board and the client's script, we painted a clearer picture of how we wanted the video to look. I then created a storyboard which was accepted by the client.

Finally, we organised all the logistics of filming day such as researching locations, booking crew and creating a schedule.

A-Class Storyboard Promo V1.pdf


A cameraman and drone operator drove to the first location to meet the client, grab a coffee and started setting up the first shot.

Following the schedule, we filmed each shot on the storyboard in the most efficient order.

Once filming was complete, we uploaded and backed up all the footage ready for editing.


To start, we went through all the footage and selected all the best bits.

Next, we created a first rough edit to send to the client for review. Once we got the thumbs up, we created a few more edits while continuing to communicate progress with the client.

Once the shots were locked in, we applied colour grading, graphics and the final video was delivered via online download link.

Final Video