Planning and organising everything needed to make sure filming day and editing goes as smoothly as possible.


Directing and recording visuals in 4K. Variety of cameras and lenses to suit the project.


Selecting all the best bits, assembling media and sharing drafts with the client.


Add subtitles to videos to make them more accessible.


Capturing and editing stills. Example


Appropiate lighting to best suit the project.

Motion Graphics

Animation available for shapes, logos and titles. Example

Colour Grading

Correcting colour and applying filters.


Includes removing objects, cleaning surfaces and adding elements.

Sound Recording

Recording clean audio using either close-up lapel microphones or shotgun microphones.

Audio Editing

Cleaning, mixing and mastering all audio. Applying appropiate music and sound effects.

Award winning sound editing by Space Face Films viewable here.

Credit viewable here (Luke Galloway).


Visually speed up the passage of time. Example.

Retro Camera

Recording with a tape camera to get genuine retro look. Example.

360 Photos

Capturing 360 HDR photos. Example.